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October 13, 2007


Sept - Oct 07
Issue 3

Hello All!

Our Sept - Oct newsletter is being re-issued to reach all of our readers who did not receive the 1st email in September. Thank you for letting us know and for your understanding!

Phil here from It's Sunday, September 23rd and it's exciting to say that I'm putting the finishing touches on our 3rd issue of the Veg-E-Zine. If you missed the 1st or 2nd issue for any reason, no worries, here are the links: Issue 1 (may-jun) and Issue 2 (July-Aug). Enjoy!

"The chef", called me on Wednesday and said, "Phillip, how are we doing with the newsletter?"  In sync with my quick stride to the computer, I replied, "It's almost ready Bette, except we're not going PDF this time, we're going HTML...aren't you excited?!?"  She said, "Umm, Okay...but why?"

I could sense the concern and need for assurance in her voice so I explained, "by using the 'E-zine MailOut Manager' that our 
web host "SBI" provides, we can create our newsletters just like our web pages and schedule the exact day and time we want them to go out! Plus Bette, our readers will receive the newsletter directly in their inbox with no attachments to download -  Isn't that great!"

Without haste she answered,"I worked like my Kitchen Aid Mixer, Phillip, to get that newsletter to you on time...but I love the idea! So when will it be published?" In confidence, I promised, "
This weekend...and just like going "meatless", we'll be glad we made the change and hopefully our readers will agree!"

So what's in this issue of the
Veg-E-Zine you ask?  
Well for starters, we'd like to address a question that I believe Bette has been asked many times over:

Q - Bette, what makes’s cakes so special?

A - I think what sets our cakes apart is the love and goodness that goes into them; the quality ingredients and the many years of experience perfecting the art of eggless baking. I know that using the equipment and products I have come to rely on through many years of professional experience can give you an edge. That is why I recommend products such as  Ener-G Egg Replacer, rather than cobbling together your own mixture of Arrowroot, Potato Starch and Tapioca. That is also why I suggest using specific organic herbs and spice; and alcohol-free extracts from the Frontier Herb Company and also why I urge you to consider acquiring a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer when you're in the market for a new one.

My Kitchen Aid mixer is true blue — literally. Though I have burned out several lesser mixers in years past, I have had my Kitchen Aid in constant use since 1986 and it has never failed me. When I set it to whip up a batch of  Ener-G Egg Replacer for ten minutes, I know it will turn the mixture into perfect soft peaks. Ask it to mix heavy batters or to beat the butter and sugar into a light frothy whip — it will do that perfectly as well. The  Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer and the Kitchen Aid Food Processor are the small appliances you can depend upon most in your vegetarian kitchen.

On that note, here are 16 New Eggless Cakes we've created just for YOU - Check them out!

  1. Eggless Cardamom Crumb Cake
  2. Eggless Vanilla White Cake
  3. Eggless Almond White Cake
  4. Eggless Whole Wheat Gingerbread
  5. Eggless Orange Whole Wheat Honey Cake
  6. Eggless Chocolate Buttermilk Cake
  7. Eggless Pineapple Up-Side Down Cake
  8. Eggless Wheat ‘n Rye Honey Spice Cake
  9. Eggless Apricot Walnut Cake
  10. Eggless Fluffy Lemon Poppy Seed Cake
  11. Eggless Apple Currant Cake
  12. Eggless Tiramisu Nuveau
  13. Eggless Espresso with Chocolate Swirl Cheese Cake
  14. Eggless Apricot Swirl Cheese Cake
  15. Eggless Prune Cake
  16. Eggless Wheat Free, Gluten Free Carrot Crumb Cake

View larger photo

Here I am at Danada House with the wedding cake I baked for my friends Vicki and Wayne. An Eggless Apple Spice Cake, I frosted it with a lemony Butter Cream Frosting and decorated it with tiny blossoms and leaves which I sculpted of fondant to spill and cascade from the circumference of the rim.

Now available @ YVK:

NEW - Eggless Frozen Dessert Recipes!

Eggless Ice Creams

Eggless Granité
Eggless Sorbet
Eggless Gelato

Click here to visit our Eggless Desserts page!

Pick of the month:
Offering you the best in culinary and wellness literature, we have previewed and selected those currently available Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw cookbooks, as well as titles on fitness, wellness information. These titles make fine reading as well as great gifts.

This month's pick is a New York Times Bestseller
, a no nonsense guide to a sleek, healthful diet of common sense choices:

Skinny Bitch by  Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouín

Coming Soon to a YVK web page near YOU:

NEW - Community Recipe Exchange!

Got a favorite Vegetarian, Vegan or Raw recipe handed down from your Gran or your Mom? Have you developed one yourself? Want to share? Send it on to us and we’ll include it in our ALL NEW Recip-E of the Week e-mail coming soon to an inbox belonging to you!

NEW - Print This Recipe!
available on select Eggless Cake Recipes. This feature gives a single page "printer friendly" version for each individual recipe! Click here for sample

NEW - Eggless Frozen Dessert Recipes
Creamy Vegan Eggless Nice Cream and more Eggless Sorbet and Gelato Recipes!

Veggie Fest 2007

Saturday, August 11, was an awesome day — we set up our booth at the Veggie Fest in Naperville, IL along with more than fifty other vendors sharing products and information on the vegetarian life-style. There were also people there from the medical and health care professions who offered some excellent information on the benefits of the vegetarian diet where our health and wellness are concerned. We were thrilled to meet so many people who have chosen to live this way and to access our web-site for great vegetarian recipes and information.

160 of you signed up for this newsletter - Welcome!

We also had the opportunity to visit with some of the vendors who have some excellent products for our culinary enjoyment, our dining pleasure and our health and wellness. We've decided to feature a few of them here so that you too can enjoy them:

    • Nature’s Path - organic cereals and sustainable foods
    • SteaZ - green tea sodas and energy drinks
    • Network for Wellness - nutritional cleansing and fat burning products

Nature’s Path

Nature’s Path offers amazing organic cereals, waffles, pop tarts and now PIE Oh My! fruit tarts. CEO Arran Stephens is a world leader in offering sustainable, organic cereal foods and keeping one step ahead of the other companies in the industry. Açai in a packaged cereal? Pomegranate in a packaged cereal? Hemp? Flax? Pumpkin Seeds? Oh, yes! Arran’s fertile imagination and creativity coupled with his commitment to excellence in providing his customers the very best growing edge organic fruit, grains, nuts and seeds, now adds the latest in nutritional benefit through the timely addition of super foods to his recipes. He has also moved into the wonderful world of non-sticky organic whole grain pasta with the added benefit of Omega 3 rich Flax!

If you have yet to explore these additions to his growing product line you have some real treats in store for you.

SteaZ Green Tea Soda and ENERGY drink

We met the SteaZ team and their awesome product line back in February at a Women’s Resource Fair in Evanston, IL and re-connected at the Chicago Green Festival a few months later. SteaZ is committed to providing a delicious, organic, sustainable product line of sodas and an energy drink that is totally amazing.

Unfortunately, they were working a different event the day of the Veggie Fest and they could not attend. However, they sent a whopping fifty cases of their incredibly wonderful products to be sampled by the people enjoying the event. Enjoy they did! How could they not?

SteaZ has created a crisp, clean drink they have named simply ‘ENERGY’ and termed ‘organic fuel for mind, body and soul’. It is the first truly conscious energy beverage that blends Organic Fair Trade Green Tea from Ceylon, with the amazing antioxidant power of Sambazon’s *Açai from Brazil’s Rainforest and Guayaki Yerba Mate — nature’s most balanced natural stimulant; Guarana, and a notable sustainable ‘green’ consciousness.

SteaZ Green Tea Sodas are equally exceptional and come in seven glorious flavors: a fruity Raspberry, a full flavored Grape and a bright Orange; a light Key Lime that is just tangy enough and Lemon Dew that scintillates. SteaZ Cola is not only healthy but is deliciously full flavored. SteaZ Ginger Ale is excellent and is a really great mixer.

* Sambazon™, our first affiliate partner, markets Açai that extraordinary super-food, in several forms. Check them out at

Network for Wellness
- Renew ~ Refresh ~ Revitalize
offering great nutritionals and nutritional cleansing

Network for Wellness asks a simple question: with 700,000 tons of toxicity being pumped into the air daily in this country, with 200 chemicals — including Teflon™, PCB’s, Mercury and pharmaceuticals in measurable amounts in the aquifer, the water table, and no way to remove it; with 72 pesticides in and on our fruit and vegetables and more being sprayed on them in front of our eyes in the Super-Markets mandated by the FDA — don’t you think you might need to cleanse on a cellular level? They point out that the liver produces fat to encapsulate the toxicity we ingest and stores it away from our internal organs causing 61% of all Americans to be over weight and 31% to qualify as obese. So if you are dealing with these issues it may not be only what you eat that is contributing to your overweight. It could also be a not so simple matter of toxicity!

Their program melts toxic fat eliminating it from the tissues; flushing it out with a lot of water and nourishing the body exceptionally well so that you build lean muscle mass. They add that people who do not have an over weight issue, whose livers don’t produce fat are also at risk from these poisons. The group also offers a superb skin care program with a medical grade microdermabrasion.
In the interest of your health, it may well be worth your time to investigate their website.

New YVK Recipes!
Be the first to try these new recipes

Your Vegetarian Kitchen
SteaZ Punch Recip-E
Your Vegetarian Kitchen has created a great punch recipe using SteaZ Green Tea Soda. Punch comes from the Hindi word ‘panch’ meaning five. The British Raj being in India for several hundreds of years brought the concept of a beverage of five ingredients home to the West, but they never did get the pronunciation right.

1 Can each Cascadian Farm Frozen Fruit Juice Concentrate: Raspberry, Lemonade and Apple
4 bottles SteaZ Key Lime Soda
4 bottles SteaZ Ginger Ale
Add ice and ½ package frozen organic Cascadian Farm Raspberries and thinly sliced lemons and limes for a garnish.

Vegetarian Coconut Fried Veggie Drum Sticks
Crisp, moist, flavorful coconut encrusted delights from Chef Bette at Your Vegetarian Kitchen!

In your Kitchen Aid Food Processor place and process:
1½ Cups Organic Soy Milk
2 Heaping Tbs. Frontier Herb Co. Vegetarian “Chicken” Stock Powder
2 Heaping Tbs. Ener-G Egg Replacer
1 tsp. Cayenne Pepper
½ tsp. Sea Salt
Pour 1 Cup Dried Coconut Powder* into a shallow bowl

Dip Vegetarian Chicken Drum Sticks into the batter. Dredge in the powdered coconut and pan fry in Olive or Canola Oil. Drain on Paper Towel. Plate and Serve hot with Lemon Rice, Petite Pois with Minted Butter, and Cranberry Sauce. Also great with Soy ‘Chicken’ Nuggets!

A well chilled glass of Non-Alcoholic Ariel Chardonnay is an exceptional accompaniment.

* Dried Coconut Powder is available in Indian Grocery stores.
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Thank you! For your kind attention and support.
At Your Vegetarian Kitchen we know that you have very busy lives and that your plates are full. It is our mission to help fill those plates with excellent foods prepared from our ever growing store of taste tempting, nutritionally sound vegetarian recipes and choices.

Á la votre bon santé!


Bette - Vegetarian Chef / Wellness Coach


Phil - Webmaster / Business Development

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