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In your vegetarian kitchen, nothing says loving like something from the oven and in the history of the world -- ‘breads’ have said it longer than any other bakery product. Bread, the staff of life, appears in almost every culture, in many different shapes and is created from a wide variety of ingredients but what is common to each of these many and varied loaves is the art of its crafting; its various shapes and sizes, textures and flavors.

From Italy and France come many crusty rustic loaves, crafted of ground grain, water, salt and yeast. Herbs, olives, and various seeds, and cheeses provide the elements of variation. From Germany we get the extremes of fluffy Potato loaves and dense chewy Westphalian Pumpernickel as sweet and satisfying a whole grain rye bread as you can find anywhere. Our own Southern heritage provides marvelous baking powder biscuits and the indigenous people here have given us corn bread. The pita of the Middle East is rivaled by the many varieties of the flat loaves of India and Pakistan, Mexico and Israel. Russian Buckwheat Blini, Eastern European Bagels and Bialys add their own variations and are at the totally opposite extreme from Danish pastries and French Croissants as is Tibetan Barley Bread.

There are quick breads made with vegetables, fruits and nuts, like zucchini or banana bread; carrot and sweet potato bread and hearty bean loaves. Our ‘Soup-Herb-Love-Loaf’ (say it three times fast) utilizes left over soups of many varieties for wonderful breads and rolls.

Muffin Recipes
Over 2 dozen original muffin recipes from traditional and vegan.

Bread Recipes
From basic bread dough to seeded rye bread, find all of our favorite bread recipes here.

Quick referrence list of bread ingredients
For all those bakers who like to experiment with new ingredients, we have put together a referrence list just for you.

A word on kneading bread
Believe it or not, the mechanics of kneading is different for both men and women.

Attitude in the kitchen
Here is a short article on the power of thought and how attitude affects your cooking.

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