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Table of Contents

All About Tofu - A Healthy Addition To The Vegetarian Diet
Tofu - Packed with protein and extremely versatile. Discover our favorite Vegan and Lacto Vegetarian Recipes.
Breads, Muffins and Quick Breads
A bounty of breads - from crusty rustic loaves to delicious sweet breads and muffins.
All About Tempeh - Another Healthy Addition To The Vegetarian Diet
Tempeh - Packed with protein, B vitamins and extremely versatile. Discover our favorite Vegan and Lacto Vegetarian Recipes.
Veggies Galore!...and what to do with them
Veggies Galore gives you insight on the importance of knowing your veggies and their best uses to promote optimal health.
Pulses: Beans, Peas and Legumes......
Pulses and the protein complimentarity. From Adzuki to Yellow Peas learn all the basics and more.
Going With The Grains - A Cultural Guide To Grain's Used Throughout The World
A guide to going with grains - common, less common and grains that are practically invisible to the American diet
Savory Sauce Recipes - The Possibilities Are Infinite
From sweet to savory, mushroom to wasabi, find a sauce recipe for every personality
The Well Dressed Salad !!
Salad tonight? With so many choices and variations, how do you decide which salad is the best compliment to a well prepared vegetarian dinner.
Vegetarian Soups - Taking Stock of Soup (all puns intended)
A Collection of fine vegetarian soups from creamy asparagus to tomato lentil and everything in between.
Sprouts, Seeds & Stuff - A Powerhouse of Live Nutrition
An introduction to Sprouts - beans and seeds, great recipes and links to other valuable sources.
Vegetarian Cooking with Wine
Vegetarian cooking with Wine, a collection of recipes.
Vegetarian Breakfast
Find unique vegan and vegetarian breakfast recipes for every healthy day of the week.
Eggless Muffin Recipes: Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes
Amazing eggless muffin recipes both vegetarian and vegan from blueberry, maple date, pecan, and more. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will never be the same.
Learn More About Me and How I Became a Vegetarian Chef
About me, Chef Bette
Chef Bette's Store: Hand picked items for YOUR vegetarian kitchen
Visit Chef Bette's Store: Just incase you're wondering what tools I recommend to get the job done.
Your BEST Vegetarian Recipe Photos
Visitors to this website share their best vegetarian recipe photos made from recipes.
The Veg Recipe Exchange: Share your favorite vegetarian and vegan friendly recipes
The Veg Recipe Exchange is where visitors to this website share their best vegetarian and vegan friendly recipes with our global community of readers. Thanks for sharing!
Looking for the Local Farmers Market? Support the Community, Save the Environment!
Find or rate your favorite local farmers market. Add your market to our every-growing list of popular locally grown produce.
An Eggless Cake Recipe For Every Occasion - #1 in Eggless Desserts since 2007!
Every eggless cake recipe you can imagine, plus tips, and secrets to give your favorite baking recipes a festive finish!
Eggless Baking Tips For The Egg Free Cook
These quick eggless baking tips are the result of years of perfecting the eggless baking recipe.
Make a Donation to Support (YVK) Your Vegetarian Kitchen
Make a donation today to support (YVK) Your-Vegetarian-Kitchen and help keep this project going!
Vegetarian Kitchen Staples - Everyday pantry items that make life easier
Download and print this list of vegetarian kitchen staples. Simplify your veg lifestyle by stocking the following pantry items so that you always have what you need on hand. From grains and flour to margarine and oils - Find it all here.
Vegetarian Food Pyramid or Grain Based Food Pyramid Guide
This vegetarian food pyramid is a guide designed to help you eliminate the guess work and thrive from eating a healthy balanced diet.
Glossary of Terms -- uh, what did she say?
Why a glossary? realizes that every now and then we might mention something that may seem a little
You Are What You Eat... Your Vegetarian
It's true, you are what you eat. Your Vegetarian is always researching to bring you very important information about what our bodies consume to help you make the best decisions for your diet!
Vegetarian Kitchen Essentials And Much More
Kitchen Essentials: Understanding the Basics and knowing when to use certain tools in the vegetarian kitchen will improve your game without question.

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OUR MISSION: Your Vegetarian Kitchen offers timeless vegetarian classics and creative fusions for the modern kitchen. Our goal is to provide you with delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes including some equally delicious anecdotes, history, tips, and tricks to make your time in YOUR vegetarian kitchen more fun, and more productive.

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