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Save Room For These Eggless Desserts!

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How it started: The first time I visited my Grandmother's house on a Sunday evening was a traumatic event for me. There on the snowy linen of her dining room table amid the crystal, candlelight and flowers was a vast array of dessert; showing off to fine effect Grandmother's confectionery skills! Cake, pie and cookies; pudding, and fruited aspic; chocolates, berries and nuts; how cruel! It was overwhelming. It was shocking. It made me cry. How on earth was a child to cope when you had been taught that you could most certainly not have dessert until your plate was clean, and there was not a proper bite of food to be seen?

After a good laugh at my expense, Grandmother explained that Sunday Supper was always the dessert course which followed Sunday dinner by several hours of visiting and a drive in the family car, so that there would actually be room for it in our full tummies, and no dear, you needn't eat salad or pot pie first! Over the years, I have created dozens of eggless desserts that have been enjoyed by many and now, you can find my favorites by following the links below.

Eggless Frozen Desserts

eggless frozen desserts

Eggless Sorbet Recipes

Eggless Sorbet Recipes

Looking for vegan friendly dairy free, egg free sorbet recipes? Try these! Home made sorbet recipes that are quick and easy to make. Our vegan sorbet is served as a fine dairy free, egg free dessert or late night treat.

Eggless Gelato Recipes

Eggless Gelato Recipes

Gelato is an ancient Italian frozen ice cream treat that is taking the country by storm. Try these quick eggless gelato recipes that you can make from home!

Eggless Granité Recipes

Eggless Granité Recipes

These Eggless Granité Recipes are textured, light and somewhat granular. Once frozen, Granité can be piled into and served in the prepared frozen shells of lemons, oranges, and coconuts etc. Yum!

Eggless ICE CREAM Recipes

Eggless ICE CREAM Recipes

Creamy Homemade Eggless Ice Cream Recipes! Did you know that Ice Cream is the # 1 favorite dessert in the US followed closely by Apple Pie? Smile, you have found the fruitiest, nuttiest and creamiest eggless ice cream recipes of them all.

Why Frozen Eggless Desserts?

There is some cause for concern about homemade ice cream when it is prepared using eggs. The CDC reports that every year homemade ice cream causes several outbreaks of Salmonella infection claiming up to several hundred victims at church picnics, family reunions, and other large gatherings due to uncooked or undercooked eggs in the product.

However, in as much as there are no eggs in your vegetarian kitchen that is not a problem. So, yes, the good news is that you can now create wonderful eggless frozen desserts in your vegetarian kitchen without the risk of Salmonella poisoning.

Interesting History:

In YOUR Vegetarian Kitchen, in the 21st century, enjoying frozen eggless desserts certainly is easier than it was in the ancient world.

In Istanbul, deep in the cavernous depths of the Topkapi Palace's foundations, there were rooms filled with snow packed in straw. The snow was gathered in the deepest cold of winter from the heights of the Mountains and transported to the palace specifically for the culinary pleasure of the Sultan, his harem and his Court. Sweet fruit juices were chilled and poured over the snow creating a delectable confection.

The practice of cooling off during the heat of the Summer with eggless frozen desserts precedes the Ottoman Empire by hundreds if not thousands of years. Folklore has it that in the first century, Nero had snow passed via a bucket brigade to provide him with this refreshing palate cleansing iced treat. There is also a tradition in China that suggests that eggless frozen sorbet was not unknown there.

Eggless Baked Desserts

eggless baked desserts

eggless carrot cake

Eggless Cake Recipes

Explore eggless cake recipes, tips and secrets for a festive finish to your vegetarian meal! Here you will find baking recipes for cakes of many descriptions and several variations on the theme.

Eggless Cookie Recipes

Eggless Cookie Recipes

Eggless cookie recipes from all time favorite lunch box cookies, classic sugar cookies, to MMMaccaroons; all light, softly crisp and delicate these fragrant tasty cookies almost sing carols all by themselves!

Eggless Pie and Tart Recipes

Eggless Pie and Tart Recipes

Treat yourself to over 100 possible combinations of delicious eggless pies and tarts. Pair up our desert and main dish recipes with the perfect flaky crust of your choice! Enjoy!

Plus a helpful BONUS: Eggless Baking Tips

Recipes by Chef Bette

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