Fresh Beans, Peas and Seeds

Here is a quick referrence list of the varieties of fresh beans, peas and seeds.

Yes, I know we talked about their dried varieties, but when they are fresh – Oh my! Fresh Veggies make such a difference in your vegetarian kitchen.

Fresh Corn on the Cob, yum! When it comes to corn the closer to the time it is picked that you get to eat it -- the sweeter and more tender it is.

Fresh Lima Beans! Fresh Sweet Petite Pois! I have not seen these in a Grocery store in the last forty years! If you haven’t had the pleasure of these delights fresh from the fields you do not know what real food tastes like. They are so tender and flavorful, so distinctive! Grow your own or support the local organic farmers in your area who may grow them and take them to a Farmer’s Market. If you are lucky enough to find them take advantage of them. Frozen peas and beans come in a poor second best; but unless you are starving leave the canned ones on the shelf!

You can usually find Fresh Wax Beans and Fresh Green Beans and occasionally there will be some Broad Beans or Italian Beans offered in season.

Fresh Snow Peas are often found in the oriental section near the bean sprouts.

Sugar Snap Peas only need to be topped and tailed, then sweated or lightly tossed in a stir fry.

Okra is a native of Africa, is a dull green color and has mucilaginous seeds that cook into a thickening gluey consistency most notably found in a Creole Gumbo. Okra is also the featured vegetable of Bhindi Masala, a North Indian Curry.

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