Green Vegetables

These Green Vegetables will help you get your 5 a day!

Bok Choy can be found in the markets quite easily now. This Chinese vegetable is crisp and crunchy with bright green leaves. Wonderful in a stir fry or simply cut into pieces and sautéed lightly with garlic and Black Mushrooms.

Broccoli is a fairly recent member of the vegetable pantheon. A great favorite, its succulent stalk and brightly colored purple flowered crown is prepared in many ways. Blanched, sautéed, stir fried, drenched with a cream sauce or piping hot as Cream of Broccoli soup it is a marvelous addition to any menu.

Broccoli Sprouts have been demonstrated to be a great deterrent in the battle against Cancer.

Broccoli Rabi is the precursor to the Broccoli plant and is great sautéed in Garlic oil.

Broccoflower is a cross between Broccoli and Cauliflower. Prepare as you would Cauliflower.

Brussels Sprouts have a unique nutty flavor that is complimented by a lively Lemon Sauce. Sauté in olive oil with some minced garlic or braise in the oven with onion.

Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Green Cabbage, White Cabbage, Savoy a staple vegetable since early times. Shredded into a Coleslaw, pickled into a Sauerkraut, or boiled with potatoes, onions and carrots, cabbage is a wonderful source of Vitamin C and fiber.

Red Cabbage should be sautéed for a few minutes and then braised in the oven with Macintosh Apple slices, Red Onion, and Currents in a sauce of Vinegar Sugar and Spice or Red Current Jelly.

Cauliflower like all cabbages doesn’t want to be over cooked. It is great raw in a crudités or stuffed into a lunch box. Blanch Broccoli and Cauliflower Floweret’s along with Carrot Flowers and serve with a Roasted Red Pepper dressing or herbed Butter. Cauliflower is wonderful married with Cheese sauce and is an essential ingredient in your-vegetarian-kitchen’s Maryland Not Crab Cakes. Northern India gives us Aloo Gobi or a Potato and Cauliflower dish which is an all time favorite.

Chard, Swiss Chard, Rhubarb Chard, these vegetables are beautiful in the garden as they grow. With tender leaves of intense coloration they have ribs that are remarkably crisp and white. Their leaves are reminiscent of Spinach but are more strongly flavored. Rhubarb Chard has strikingly red spines and a distinctly beetlike flavor.

Chinese Cabbage or Napa is delicate in flavor and has a pleasantly crunchy texture. It is nice in a winter salad and wonderful in a stir fry with a sauce.

Collards, Kale and Curly Kale are rich deep greens with appropriate amounts of iron and Vitamins A and C.

Dandelion Greens are a diuretic and a major part of a spring tonic. Dressed in a vinaigrette they are a delightful Spring addition to the salad course.

Kohlrabi is an odd vegetable – it appears to be a cross between a cabbage and a turnip. While they do not have the flavor of either of them their flesh is milder than the peppery turnip and more unique than cabbage; they taste perhaps more similar to a Water Chestnut. They like a good rich cheese sauce.

Spinach, New Zealand Spinach one of our favorite green vegetables especially when used as a wonderful salad green. Also works well in Spinach Pie, Spinach Lasagna and other culinary delights like Sag Panir (Indian Cuisine).

Turnip Greens are strong tasting but the young ones are tender and a wonderful addition to your spring diet.

Vine Leaves or Grape Leaves need to be picked young and parboiled in acidulated water so that they will not break when they are stuffed and wrapped around the spiced rice and pine nut mixture of Armenian Sarma, or Greek Dolmades.

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