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There are many ways to go green, and shopping at your local farmers market is certainly one of them.

To help you in your quest to find the freshest, most deliciously grown produce for your family, we've teamed up with a few friends to create a list of the most popular farmers markets.

Click on any link to read about it's local farmers market. Rate and comment on the one you shop at.

Hilo Farmers Market

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Local Farmers Markets

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  • Include the website, contact information and hours of operation.

  • If submitting any links, please know that they will not go live until we approve your submission. Once approved and published, we will create a new profile page for your local farmers market and send you an email if you choose.

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Hilo Farmers Market 
Operating on Wednesdays and Saturdays all year round, the Hilo Farmers Market is open from dawn until late in the evening. The Hilo Farmers Market sells …

St. Jacobs Farmers Market of Waterloo, Ontario (Canada) 
The St. Jacobs Farmers Market of Waterloo, Ontario is one of Canada’s largest year round farmers markets. There are more than 600 vendors, indoor and out. …

Henrys Farmers Markets of California Not rated yet
Henry's Farmers Market started in 1943 as a family owned business selling truckloads of fresh, local peaches on a street corner in San Diego. Since then, …

Leesport Farmers Market of Leesport, PA Not rated yet
The Leesport Farmers Market was started in 1947 by Leroy J. Weist and his wife, Mary. This small business has grown to a full size farmers market. What …

St. Paul Farmers Market of St. Paul, MN Not rated yet
The St. Paul Farmers Market of St. Paul, Minnesota has been in business for over 150 years. What started out as a 2 story brick building has grown to a …

Sunflower Farmers Markets Not rated yet
The Sunflower Farmers Market was founded in 2002. It has become a rapidly growing chain of full service grocery stores. Their goal is to offer consumers …

Atlanta State Farmers Market of Atlanta, GA Not rated yet
The Atlanta State Farmers Market is one of the largest in the world. First opened in 1958, this market sits on 150 acres. It is also commonly called the …

Marin Farmers Market of Marin, CA Not rated yet
Marin City Farmers Market is in its’ debut year. It was 10 years in the making when it finally opened in 2010. The Agricultural Institute of Marin Board …

Miles Farmers Market of Solon, OH Not rated yet
Miles Farmers Market opened in 1971 as a small roadside open-air farmers market selling fruits and vegetables. Over the years, the Miles Farmers Market …

Nashville Farmers Market of Nashville, TN Not rated yet
The Nashville Farmers Market began selling fresh produce from local farmers in the early 1800’s. Since then, it has been a vital part of Nashville. It …

Portland Farmers Market of Portland, OR Not rated yet
The Portland Farmers Market was established in 1992 by three founders – Craig Mosbaek, Ted Snider and Richard Hagan. These 3 activists worked with local …

Royal Oak Farmers Market of Royal Oak, MI Not rated yet
The Royal Oak Farmers Market of Royal Oak, Michigan began in 1925. It started as a truck market at the corner of 4th and Troy Streets. Since 1997, it has …

Santa Barbara Farmers Market of Santa Barbara, CA Not rated yet
The Santa Barbara Farmers Market was founded in 1983 “to provide California farmers with direct access at landmark locations to market their agricultural …

Trenton Farmers Market Not rated yet
Trenton Farmers Market is located in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, and operates six days a week from Tuesday to Sunday. The market sells fresh fruits and …

Santa Monica Farmers Market Not rated yet
Santa Monica Farmers Market is a diverse shopping experience that consists of four farmers markets per week. The markets open on different days, including …

Beaverton Farmers Market Not rated yet
Beaverton Farmers Market is one of the largest farmers markets on the West side of the United States. Located in Beaverton, Oregon, the market provides …

Quakertown Farmers Market Not rated yet
Quakertown Farmers Market has become a tradition in local shopping, having been established in Upper Bucks County since 1932. The market provides the shopping …

Olympia Farmers Market Not rated yet
Olympia Farmers Market is renowned for showcasing local Washington organic produce, crafts, baked goods, plants, family entertainment and events. The market …

Minneapolis Farmers Market Not rated yet
Minneapolis Farmers Market is a popular source for fresh produce and products for people across the Minneapolis area. Since its opening in 1937, the market …

Madison Farmers Market - Connecticut Not rated yet
As one of the newest farmers market in the United States, the Madison Farmers Market was recently established in 2007. Since then it has operated every …

Los Angeles Farmers Market Not rated yet
Known as the Original Farmers Market, the Los Angeles Farmers Market was first opened in 1934 and is a historic landmark and tourist attraction in Los …

Des Moines Farmers Market Not rated yet
The Des Moines Farmers Market operates in all weather conditions from May 1st until October 30th. It is located at the Historic Court District in Downtown …

Dekalb Farmers Market Not rated yet
Located in the Decatur area of Georgia, Dekalb Farmers Market provides shoppers with fresh, high quality produce at low prices. The market offers a wide …

Dallas Farmers Market Not rated yet
The Dallas Farmers Market is one of the largest public markets of its kind in the United States where visitors can shop for a variety of fresh produce, …

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Columbus Farmers Market Not rated yet
Columbus Farmers Market in Columbus, New Jersey, is open to the public from Thursday to Friday all year round. Columbus Farmers Market was established …

Boulder Farmers Market Not rated yet
Starting from 1986, the Boulder County Farmers Market in Colorado is an outlet for local agricultural producers to showcase and sell their products to …

Bellingham Farmers Market  Not rated yet
Bellingham Farmers Market was established in the early 1990s and has since become one of the largest markets in the Washington State. There’s plenty to …

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