La Sauce C’est Tout

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A good sauce can change the way we perceive everything, even the day. There are several varieties of sauce and an amazing number of ways to prepare them.

There are opaque sauces and gravies that are thickened with flour, cornstarch sauces which are semi-opaque and clear arrowroot sauces that are more like a glaze. There are sauces that are classics like the Béchamel, a white sauce with a milk base which can morph into a cheese sauce, an onion sauce, a curried sauce.

There are endless sauces that are Tomato based, and those that are centered on Miso, on Shoyu, on Mirin, on Lemon, on Sea Vegetables. There are Barbeque Sauces, and Chili based sauces, Tahini based sauces, and those based on Peanut Butter, Cashew Butter, Almond Butter etc.

There are also those that take their character from the oils used, Aglio Olio or Garlic Olive Oil, or those created with Toasted Sesame Oil with a definite Asian flair and there are fruit based sauces such as Apricot, Apple, Cranberry, Peach and Mango.

The sauce is everything and the possibilities are infinite.

A few tips about flour based sauces and about the weather's impact on cooking :

If you buzz the flour and milk, soy milk, or stock together in a blender and add it to the fat in the pan and stir it constantly you will not produce a lumpy sauce.

If you heat the milk, soy milk, stock or whatever before adding it to the roux (flour cooked in fat) it will not be lumpy either. Always feel free to add more liquid to any sauce in the works.


The weather has a huge impact on cooking in general. Low air pressure usually indicates an immanent storm. What happens in the kitchen under those conditions is the liquid boils out of the pan and your sauce may call for more liquid; your vegetables may begin to dry out in the pan; and your pie crust may needs less water to hold together.

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