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Sunflower Farmers Markets

by Ariana Torres

The Sunflower Farmers Market was founded in 2002. It has become a rapidly growing chain of full service grocery stores. Their goal is to offer consumers “the highest quality natural and organic products at the lowest possible price”. Departments include Cheese, Deli, Bakery, Grocery, Vitamins, and a whole lot more. The largest of these departments is the Fresh Produce Department.

Sunflower Farmers Market also has its’ own store brand of products for consumers. Some of the items in the store brand offering are applesauce, tortilla chips, and coffee beans, just to name a few.

Sunflower Farmers Market also holds a number of events in their stores throughout the year. These events include the Artisan Market, the Marana Bazaar, the Sunflower Recipe Sample Event, Back to School Tasting Fair, and many more events. The website offers store event calendars for each of their locations.

Fun Fact: The tagline for Sunflower Farmers Market is “Serious Food…..Silly Prices”.

Contact Information: There are 29 locations throughout Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Each of these locations has different contact information. Please visit for more information.


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