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Tempeh (TemPAY)

Tempeh is a staple Indonesian soy food crafted from whole soybeans, water, and a special healthful bacterium, which is allowed to ferment for several hours so that it forms a high Vitamin B Complex content including a substantial amount of B12 which is essential for vegetarians. As it is made from whole soybeans rather than from their ‘milk’ it is a product with different characteristics and a firmer, chewier texture than tofus.

It is a sure winner for people who have difficulty digesting plant based proteins because it is fermented it is already partially digested and does not create the uncomfortable gastric distress some other bran products may. As it has a genuine flavor on its own, unlike tofu, it can readily accommodate stronger flavors in its saucing and preparation.

Available pre-packaged ready to prepare in natural food stores, it is crafted in several varieties. It will absorb all the oil you care to provide so in the interest of you heart and liver, it is a good idea to use half of the oil in the recipe for each side when sautéing.

The Lightlife Company produces several Organic Tempeh products: Plan Soy, Soy with Flax, with Garden Veggies, Three Grain and Wild Rice as well as Fakin’ Bacon strips.

For some people it is love at first bite; for others it is a relationship that grows a bit more slowly. Personally, I think that has a lot to do with the way it is prepared. Here are some recipes that are real crowd pleasers.


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