Varieties of Pulses: Beans, Peas and Legumes (JavaScript: Print This Page)

Here is a quick referrence list of the many varieties of pulses:

Adzuki, Aduki – a small hard red bean from Japan

Black Daal – from India this legume is great in soup and fermented foods like idli

Black Eyed Peas – a small cream colored bean with a black eye with a creamy texture.

Broad Bean – a pale green flattened bean

Butter Beans – are large pale green lima beans

Channa Daal – is smaller and sweeter than Yellow Peas

Chick Pea, Cece, Garbanzo Bean – a beige colored pulse with a strong nutty flavor.

Flageolet Beans – small, oval, pale green or white beans that have a mild flavor

Green Lenils - a strongly flavored small round brown lentil that retains its shape

Green Peas & Green Split Peas – used in soups and daals

Haricot Beans - a small white oval bean which retains its shape and absorbs spice

Kidney Beans – a strongly flavored dark red bean that is named for its shape

Irid Daal – white in color with a distinctive flavor

Jacob’s Cattle Beans – one of many runner beans it is spotted strongly with red and white

Lima Bean -- small green and mealy bean used in succotash

Mung Beans – small round dark green bean with a creamy texture is slightly sweet

Navy Beans – a small white bean

Pea Beans – small white bean that retains its shape

Pinto Beans – a beige and brown bean used in Mexican cookery

Red Lentil – coral colored creamy lentil that melts into a daal easily

Scarlett Runners – another kidney shaped bean that is colored with pink and white spots

Soy Beans – small, hard, protein packed this round beige bean has a perfect aura

Yellow Peas & Yellow Split Peas – used in soups and daals

Please note: - The soy bean is such a power packed packet of energy and so versatile that we will devote an entire section to it and its many uses in the form of Tofu , Tempeh and soy analog or TVP. Additionally, we will include an entire section on convenience foods from both the US and Taiwan. Some of these products are guaranteed to delight even the strictest omnivores among your family and friends.

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