Vegetarian Braised Seitan and Vegetables

Seitan is Wheat Gluten which has been developed through careful kneading and boiling in broth. Braising Seitan in Ariel Rouge and herbal aromatics in your vegetarian kitchen will ramp up this versatile vegetarian protein to a company perfect Seitan and Vegetables in Wine Sauce which will definitely bring smiles to the dinner table.

(SIDE BAR)What is Seitan or Wheat Gluten? It is also called wheat meat, gluten meat, or simply gluten, and is a food that has been made from the protein of the wheat. Although not as well known, it is an extremely high protein alternative to tofu and soy based meat-substitutes. Seitan has a texture much more like that of flesh foods than tofu, because of its chewy texture. It is often used in place of meat in Asian, as well as vegetarian and macrobiotic cuisines.

Popular in China, where it was first developed, as well as in the cuisines of other Asian nations, it is commonly found on the menus of restaurants catering primarily to Buddhist and Hindu patrons who do not eat meat, and has also become widely used by Vegetarians here in the United States. Traditionally it is made by kneading the flour with a small amount of RO Water* and washing the dough while kneading it submerged in fresh water, changing the water repeatedly, until all of the starch dissolves and is washed away, leaving the protein as a malleable mass. It is then cut into chunks and boiled in a vegetable stock which has been infused with Tamari, Bay Leaf and a piece of Kombu. It is cooked in the broth until it rises to the top of the kettle as any dumpling will when fully prepared.Luckily, it is also available already prepared and ready to use in a wide variety of forms in Health Food Stores and Oriental Ethnic Shops, which is a huge savings in time and effort.(END SIDE BAR)

To prepare our Braised Seitan and Vegetables in Wine Sauce you will need:
2 Bottles Ariel Rouge, one divided in half for the braising, the other half for the sauce itself, and the other bottle for service with the meal.

Pour ½ Bottle Ariel Rouge into a separate sauce pan and reduce on medium high heat to a syrupy consistency

¼ Cup Flour
1 tsp Granulated Onion
1 tsp Granulated Garlic
¼ tsp. Cayenne Pepper
1 tsp. Szeged Paprika
2 tsp. Sea Salt
¼ tsp. Freshly ground Black Pepper
2 packages Prepared Vege Beef Chunk
(or 14 oz. Seitan cut into bite sized pieces)
1 12 oz. package Crimini Mushrooms quartered
4 Tbs. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 package Baby Carrots
2 pounds whole peeled Baby Yukon Gold or Red Potatoes 1
Parsnip peeled and cut into slices
6 small whole peeled Onions
2 Cloves Garlic sliced
2 Stalks Celery Rough Chopped
2 Sprigs Parsley
3 Bay Leaf
2 Sprigs Marjoram
Leaves of 2 Sprigs Silver Thyme
2 Tbs. Frontier Vegetarian Chicken Stock Powder mixed with
½ Bottle Ariel Rouge
1 tsp. Tamari or Shoyu
Dredge the Vege Beef Chunk in the dry ingredient mixture
Brown in the Olive Oil along with the Mushrooms
Add the Vegetables tossing in the oil lightly
Add the other half of the bottle of wine and the No Chicken Stock
Simmer covered in the pan for an hour, an hour to an hour and a half turning occasionally until the liquid has reduced and the vegetables are glazed and tender
Remove the bay leaf
Adjust the seasoning

Plate and garnish with the wine reduction and sprigs of fresh herbs
Serve with a crisp salad of Spring-Greens, Radish and Baby
Cucumber slices with Blue Cheese Dressing and glasses of Ariel Rouge

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