Vegetarian Cooking with Wine

Like a wine that sparkles?

Ariel’s Brut Cuvée has a distinctively delicate floral aroma, hinting of lilac and lavender, coupled with a subtle toasty oak bouquet. This is an exceptional non-alcoholic sparkling wine which is both sophisticated enough for, and well suited to, an evening dinner party, or any festive occasion such as a wedding, anniversary, or engagement party. It’s bright, clear finish makes it a perfect before meals aperitif and it is also perfectly suited for Sunday Brunch or when served after dinner with cheese, fresh fruit and espresso.

Prefer still wines?

These non-alcoholic still wines are prize winning offerings from the Napa Valley which have been chosen over their more traditional counterparts as truly exceptional. From Ariel Blanc and Ariel Rouge to the complexity of Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir, they provide superb accompaniment to our recipes as well as excellent wine reductions and sauces. Use them for such delightful recipes as our Braised Seitan and Vegetables in Wine Sauce, as well as our noted Tofu Wellington with Wine Reduction. Our Vegetarian Chicken Olivada is artfully enhanced by Ariel’s White Zinfandel as an accompaniment as well as in its saucing.
Sample some of our favorite non-alcoholic vegetarian recipes: