Vegetarian Knives May Be Somewhat Different From The Steak Knives You Might Be Used To

In the vegetarian kitchen for example the vegetarian knives and cutlery in it ought to be designed to handle fruits and vegetables rather than meat, fish or fowl, so you can immediately get rid of your slicing knife, your boning knife and all those serrated steak knives.

Remember, sharp knives cut food, dull knives cut fingers.

You will need at least:

A chef's knife - 6" to 10" depending on your height and grip.

This knife has a curved cutting surface for ease of cutting and chopping. Keep the point on the surface of the cutting board as you chop and mince.

A paring knife - This is a small knife that fits comfortably in the hand. It is used to peel vegetables and fruits and to slice them.

To complete your essential cutlery collection, consider aquiring the following: A tomato knife, garnish knife, bread knife and ofcourse a steel for sharpening them.

There are several companies that manufacture good quality kitchen knives. -- You will find that German and French knives are excellent as are Japanese knives. As this is a lifetime investment you should purchase the best quality knives you can afford.

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