Veggies Galore!
and what to do with them

Uncle says for optimum health eat 5 a Day!

Therefore...Veggies Galore! - With so much emphasis on finding adequate protein and B Complex vitamins, vegetables are an often overlooked aspect of the vegetarian diet; but here at we take Uncle Sam’s advice to heart.

Vegetables – we love them! Enjoying Five–a–Day is no hardship at all. From the hearty Roots to Stems and Shoots; from Onions and Leeks to the leafy Greens; from Peas, Beans and Seeds to the indigenous Squashes; from the Fruit like Tomatoes, Peppers, Aubergines, Avocados, Plantains and Bananas to the Woodland Fungus among us -- the variety is vast and the instances plentiful.

Of course we advocate organic veggies, fruits and herbs; as well as those that have been grown locally whenever you can find them.

Quick Links:

Know Your Onions
A discussion on the onion, you might be suprised!

Fresh Beans, Peas and Seeds
Here is a quick reference list of the varieties of fresh beans, peas and seeds.

Green Vegetables
We put together our favorite green vegetables. Get your 5 a day here!

All About Root Vegetables
Making a vegetarian soup, stew or salad? Let these root vegetables lead the way.

Stems and Shoots
If your looking for 5 a day ideas, look no further. Try some steamed white asparagus or toss some hearts of palm in a salad.

Varieties of Fruit
Did you know chili was a fruit? How about Eggplant and Avocados? Here's a quick list of a few varieties of fruit.

The Happy Squash Family
Please excuse the 'bitter' melon. Just fry it golden brown and make it happy.

Rhubarb Recipes at Rhubarb Central
Enjoy hundreds of free, easy rhubarb recipes with pictures, information on how to grow rhubarb, rhubarb nutritional information and more. A website devoted entirely to everything rhubarb!

And there are plenty of healthy vegetarian recipes that you can use to take advantage of these delicious foods!

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